XscapeNFT Overview

XscapeNFT is an XRPL-based project focused on leading by example with creativity, integrity and dedication to NFTs and Gaming on the XRPL. Xscape is the world in which our self-titled game is based upon, and the vision behind the Xscape universe/game has been in development for many years prior to becoming a blockchain-based concept. The gameplay design and world-building concepts of Xscape have been carefully planned by Daniel over the last 5 years, as well as over a year ago, transitioning into a game that will also feature blockchain-based elements and NFT integration for those interested.
Whilst we work on game development in the background long-term, XscapeNFT is focused on bringing a high-quality standard of NFTs to the XRPL, striving to create various use-cases for each NFT collection, both within our upcoming gaming universe and XRPL-wide. Our first collection, 'The Xblades' began in November 2021 and was a massive success which saw Xscape's community grow from an initial airdrop worth 5-10XRP to an IOU token with an ATH of 1000XRP and NFTs with a floor price of 150-200XRP. This collection has long-term XRPL utility with daily Stayking rewards of the STX token, which is used throughout the StaykX platform. The Blades will also be used within Xscape game releases, but we always want to make sure our NFT collections do not rely solely on future game utility, and always maintain long-term use-case on the XRPL.
XscapeNFT is the combination of a love for the XRPL, and blockchain integrated gaming. We strive to create the highest quality art on the XRPL, that features long-term utility and a strong community behind it.